RMIT Vietnam NewsHard work key to Business Club success

Hard work key to Business Club success

Monday, January 25, 2016 - 09:23
RMIT Vietnam's Business Club at Marketing Challengers 2015

RMIT Vietnam Business Club’s seventh national Marketing Challenge has wound up, with the University of Economics’ team Fiti taking winning honours. 

Second and third prizes went to the SMASH team from the University of Economics HCMC and the Foreign Trade University and to the Ember team from RMIT Vietnam.

For the Business Club, it was the climax of many months of organisation; the competition attracted more than 200 students from many Vietnamese universities.

For the Vice President of the RMIT Business Club, Nguyen Thi Huong Nga, sponsorship seeking was the most time-consuming and challenging task, requiring negotiation, patience and flexibility.

“Sometimes, it took us weeks, even months to get an agreement with companies or organisations,” she said.

“Flexibility played an integral part when we needed to show professionalism as well as a can-do attitude towards them, instead of walking away or giving up immediately the moment they said ‘no’ the first time.

“We needed to understand what benefits that they were looking for and prepared a set of questions such as ‘How can we help you?’ and ‘How do you want us to support you?’ ”

Unexpected changes of case study topics, judges and guest speakers, dates, times and venues also called for flexibility in Business Club organisers.

“In these situations, the PR and Program Team had to communicate instantly to outsiders and participating teams,” Nga said.

However, Nga and her team found that the most important thing was to remain calm and organise a meeting with involved parties to find out the solutions to the problems they were facing.

Nga said she could not have made it to the competition’s final night without the work of club members.

“Within the organising team we operated in a professional and friendly manner as we took into consideration the members’ ideas and initiatives and built up our plan for the competition.”

Story: Thuy Le