RMIT Vietnam NewsGuru club - a story of peer success coaching

Guru club - a story of peer success coaching

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 15:00

Born out of the need to help students in their scholarship quest, student-run Guru Club has become a hub for personal growth at RMIT Vietnam. 

Formerly known as the Scholarship Club, Guru Club was founded and historically run by RMIT Vietnam President’s Scholarship holders. These were students who had received the University’s most prestigious scholarship, which is given to outstanding high school students who have achieved exemplary academic results and demonstrated a commitment to community engagement.

The primary reason for establishing Guru Club was the idea that scholarship recipients be ambassadors for RMIT Vietnam, sharing experience, giving advice and assisting other high school students during their application process.

To do so, the ‘Gurus’ launched the “How we got RMIT scholarships” page, in which each scholarship holder shared their story to inspire prospective students, and give candidates some insider tips on how to present their applications.

Learning soft skills with Guru: Hairdressing, and fashion selection.

However, the Guru Club wasn’t satisfied with merely helping scholarship candidates. They realised they had the chance to also offer their members the opportunity for continuous improvement and growth.

Now, Guru Club’s activities are no longer limited to giving scholarship advice.

Recently, they have held a series of events including Flash from the Past which took participants on a walk down memory lane, A-Z Life Hacking Skills where useful shortcuts in things like bartending, hair-styling and fashion selection were shared, on top of more business-focused events like Started from the bottom about the start-up landscape and Creative Thinking Workshop to provide techniques on idea generation.

In organising these events, Guru Club is contributing positively to the RMIT Vietnam community and giving their members the chance to hone their skills in time management, event management, teamwork and problem solving.

Guru Club shares their experiences with RMIT Vietnam and high school students in support of their scholarship applications.

Nguyen Thu Ngoc Anh, President of Guru Club, said: “We are a young club, so in a similar way to any start-up, we encounter a lot of difficulties.”

“Like any other club, we organise events, find sponsors, and recruit new members, with limited human resources.

“On the positive side however, we treat each other like a family.”

When asked for a tip on achieving success, Anh said that the most important thing was “that youngsters throw themselves out of their comfort zone and unlock their full potential.”

Story: Van Doan