RMIT Vietnam NewsGrrilla Step - The world's only krump band teaches new way to dance

Grrilla Step - The world's only krump band teaches new way to dance

Sunday, June 5, 2011 - 16:42
RMIT students practise “Krumping”.
A Krumper (left) shows students some basic moves.
Grrilla Step introduces aboriginal timber drums.
RMIT students practise traditional dance of Pacific islanders.

Grrilla Step, a leading dance group in Australia, visited RMIT Hanoi campus on 26 May to show students how to do Krump, an assertive, emotional and 'spiritual' form of dance, drawing on a range of cultures including Australian Aboriginal and Pacific Islander.

Grrilla Step's eight member team brought RMIT dance club members closer to Krump, which is known for innovative dance moves and intense interactions between performers and spectators.

"Completely unlike any dance style you've ever seen, Krump is free and you can do whatever you want to express your feeling', said Jerome, one of four "Krumpers".

In Krumpling, a dancer tells a story through the voice of his or her "character" while attempting to advance three levels of intensity (Krump, Buck, Amp). According to the Krump technique, there is no right or wrong way to express one's self.

RMIT Hanoi students enjoyed learning and practising Krumping under Grrilla Step's instruction.

Grrilla Step also joined CAMA Music Festival on 28 May to raise fund for Flora and Fauna International.