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Go Green Together

Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 10:29
Silent Hero photo captured by Kha Thanh Tri Dat – won first place.
The harmony of the rain – Second prize was won by Dinh Hoang Tung.
Local children joined the Green Lessons session.

With the slogan ‘Green Action, Green Vietnam’, Students from RMIT Vietnam’s Green Generation club have led Green Action month across Ho Chi Minh City, with students from five other universities joining in activities promoting environmental protection.

The month started with Silent Heroes, a photography contest aimed at appreciating the contribution of street sweepers who silently keep cities beautiful every day.

The club - established in May 2015 to contribute to improving the environment in Vietnam - wanted to raise awareness about the importance of the ‘small act - huge impact’ message through the contestants’ photos.

Photographer Kha Thanh Tri Dat, whose photo Silent Hero won the competition, said, “The cleaners were not afraid of the harsh conditions and the bad smell of the trash being thrown into the Tau Hu canal as they cleared garbage to unclog the pipes near the Nguyen Van Cu Bridge.”

Through his photograph Dat wanted the citizens who live near the canal to work together to keep the environment clean and green.

The contest attracted almost 100 photos from both Vietnamese and foreigners currently living in HCMC.

Second prize went to Polytechnic University student and freelance photographer Dinh Hoang Tung for his photograph The harmony of the rain.

And RMIT Vietnam Professional Communication student Nguyen Ha Phuong Linh won the “most popular photo” prize for his photo Silent Heroes - greatness goes unnoticed.

Also during Green Action Month, 60 students from RMIT Vietnam, Pedagogical University, University of Law, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hoa Sen University and University of Technology went to Thanh Hoa primary school in Long An province on a Recycled Garden project.

The president of Green Generation, Nguyen Kim Ngan, said that the university students created a garden for local children by planting many kinds of trees and flowers in beds made from recycled cups, plastic bottles and wood chips.

“Through the experience of this Recycled Garden, we hope those kids will not litter and will be aware of recycling materials daily,” she said.

A group of 50 students also visited six kindergarten and primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City to spread the green message.

Through six Green Lessons, more than 400 kindergarten and primary students learnt about the benefits of planting trees and recycling inorganic waste.

Vice president of Green Generation club, Dang Thanh Ha, said the school kids were excited by the Green Lessons.

“They were able to turn theory into reality by planting trees in plastic bottles or decorating used paper cups,” she said. 

“The project helped the children to contribute their efforts in environmental protection, particularly decreasing the littering.

“Green Lessons did not only spread the message about environmental consciousness and social contribution, but it also helped us to improve our skills for teamwork.”

“Green Action Month” took place from 22 August 2015 to 7 November 2015 with three main activities including the Silent Hero photo contest, Recycled Garden and Green Lessons.