RMIT Vietnam NewsGlobal internship opportunities on offer

Global internship opportunities on offer

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 09:38
The talkshow panel (from right): Education First Country Product Manager Ms Ninh Nguyen, RMIT Vietnam Executive Director Students Steve Paris and Lazada Head of Marketing Mr Duc Pham

The global internship opportunities for students were recently shared at the forum Activate Your Global Career, held by RMIT Vietnam’s local chapter of AIESEC at the University’s Saigon South site on 26 June 2014.

AIESEC is one of the world's largest youth-run organisations and aims to provide global connections and an international foundation for its members.

Guest speakers included RMIT Vietnam Executive Director Students Mr Steve Paris, Lazada Head of Marketing Mr Duc Pham and Education First Country Product Manager Ms Ninh Nguyen.

Throughout their careers, all three speakers have participated in global internship programs.

RMIT Vietnam's Mr Steve Paris said the forum was organised by students to share details of AISEC's Global Talent program and the many internship opportunities it offered to students across Vietnam.

Since 2005, AIESEC in Vietnam has had more than 110 Vietnamese students take up internships through the program in 24 countries with 37% to Japan, 19% to India, 9% to Malaysia and 25% to other countries.

At the forum, Lazada's Mr Duc Pham shared tips on how students can succeed when adapting to life abroad.

"The number one rule is to keep an open mind and be flexible and understanding," Mr Pham said.

"Let's not assume that people from different countries will hold the same attitudes and instead, we should be good listeners and learn from each other."

Education First's Ms Ninh Nguyen said one of the biggest achievements and signs of success when working in an international environment is earning the respect from your colleagues.

"It's about being confident in your abilities and your role as an ambassador of Vietnam in your international workplace and community," Ms Nguyen said.

"It's not just about good grades but it's also about using the experience as an opportunity to position yourself, and the wider student community in Vietnam, as a global in outlook and competence."

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