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Get the edge

Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 16:59
Students at a workshop run by the Career Centre.

With modules covering work life balance, financial planning and art appreciation, RMIT Vietnam's new Personal Edge program offers students an exclusive opportunity to start their career with a unique set of employability skills. 

Delivered from semester one this year, Personal Edge is a series of modules aimed at enhancing student self-awareness, management of university and work life, and personal skills.

The program is run by RMIT Vietnam's Career Centre.

It's drawn from 12 essential employability skills which are relevant across different professions and industries worldwide.

Career Centre Senior Manager Ms Linh Nguyen said the program aims to help students stand out from the crowd when it comes to searching for a job.

"As well as the skills and knowledge gained through their academic programs, our students will also be equipped with valuable personal skills," Ms Nguyen said.

"We have 25 modules across three categories of self-awareness, personal/career management, and personal development.

"Depending on the modules selected and completed, students will present a unique set of skills to employers."

As part of RMIT Vietnam's upcoming orientation day for the new semester at both Saigon South and Hanoi campus, students will participate in modules on finding your personal strengths; nutrition, lifestyle and exercise; and managing pressure.

More modules will be delivered during the University's Personal Development Week, which occurs during week seven of semester.

The modules are delivered by industry leaders, RMIT Vietnam academics and alumni.

"Personal Edge program is designed around the needs of employers," Ms Nguyen said.

"It's a point of difference for our students and enables students to bring their strengths and individuality to the fore."