RMIT Vietnam NewsThe faces of executive development in Vietnam

The faces of executive development in Vietnam

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 11:50
Participants at a recent creative problem solving workshop

Vietnam’s executives are hungry for professional development, according to RMIT Vietnam Enterprise and Executive Education team. 

Over the past year, RMIT Vietnam has become a partner of several international enterprises based in Ho Chi Minh City for the delivery of leadership and executive development programs.

Current projects for the University involve Heineken Group’s VBL, major insurance company AIA, auditing services firm KPMG, IT and outsourcing provider ASWIG Solutions and footwear brand Nike.

Manager Enterprise and Executive Education Mattia Miani said common themes emerge across all organisations despite operating in a different business sectors.

“The major trigger for these leadership programs is succession planning and growth,” he said.

“Companies need to train their next leaders, be it at the top or middle level.

“When it comes to leadership, the skills of a great specialist can fall short at leading a group and here is where executive education can make a profound individual impact.”

Mr Miani said another common theme is the search for creative and innovation skills, with companies seeking their next big idea and ways to create value in an ever-changing market.

“Executive teams in Vietnam are ready to go the next level,” he said.

“Management groups at major corporations are already comprised of talented and well-educated individuals with good if not excellent technical expertise.

“Where executive development may make an impact is in changing the mindset in approaching business challenges in a more interdisciplinary, collaborative and innovative way,” Mr Miani said.

This story was first published in RMIT Vietnam's Exchange magazine.