RMIT Vietnam NewsExperimental design showcase fosters creative thinking

Experimental design showcase fosters creative thinking

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 17:03

RMIT Vietnam Experimental Design students have showcased their work at an exhibition called Illusion.

Andy Stiff, Associate Lecturer in the School of Communication & Design, said students had developed the theme Illusion before exploring it as a concept on their own.

“Some students looked at visual illusions, while others took a more philosophical look at illusions in society,” Mr Stiff said.

“After this they then explored materials and shapes, and it was at this point that they began shifting from obvious solutions to more interesting ones. This is where real design actually starts happening,” he continued.

Developing projects based purely on an idea is important for building students’ conceptual thinking skills, Mr. Stiff explained, but it’s equally as important for building Vietnam.

“I think it’s really important for this part of the world that it continues its shift from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge economy,” he said.

“The only way that you’re going to develop that knowledge economy is to develop people who are critical thinkers and who can problem solve and think differently about problems.”

Sophea Phoung (left) demonstrates his project entitled The Illusion of Spinner to RMIT Vietnam President Professor Gael McDonald (middle) and Senior Educator Andy Stiff (right).

Inspired by notions of the afterlife, Tran Viet Trinh photographed decaying fruit peels every day over the course of an entire semester.

This installation asks: What happens when old meets new, motion meets stillness, and East meets West?

When looking inside The Box, the illusion of the perfect human life is revealed. Variations on this are seen depending on which side of the box the viewer looks in.

Vu Quynh Khanh’s Illusion of Honesty is a critique of modern life.

Story: Howie Phung

Photos: Loic Bertrand Chichester and Nguyen Minh Trang