RMIT Vietnam News"Equipping librarians to provide effective learning support" Project

"Equipping librarians to provide effective learning support" Project

Friday, March 19, 2010 - 17:21

Equipping Librarians to Provide Effective Learning Support is a 2010 project jointly funded by an RMIT University LTIF (Learning and Teaching Investment Fund) grant and RMIT Vietnam.

The project is led by Ms. Julia Leong, RMIT Melbourne Staff Development Librarian and Ms. Hoang Tuyet Anh, RMIT Vietnam Library Manager. With an innovative cross cultural approach, the project is designed to equip librarians to provide effective learning support for library customers.

A series of workshops was facilitated by Ms. Leong in Ho Chi Minh City from 1st to 9th February. These covered a number of aspects of good customer service and introduced approaches to planning and promoting relevant services for students and academic staff.

During May 2010, there will be another series of workshops happening in both Hanoi and Saigon South campuses. After that, library staff in Vietnam and Melbourne will pay two way visits to each other as well as involve in further online discussions regarding a variety of topics.

Library staff are enthusiastic about gaining additional skills and approaches to enable them to provide excellent and relevant library services. The project is expected to achieve increased student satisfaction with library services.