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Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 17:01
The winners (left to right) Tran Khoi Nguyen, Tran Thi Tu Trinh, Tran Dang Manh and Thiem Dang Khoa
Judges (left to right) John Wheeler, James Block and Isabella Van Staden

"Getting a good grade point average is not necessarily the key to getting a good job" was the proposition successfully proposed by the winning group during RMIT Vietnam’s recent English Savvy competition.

Members of the winning team were students from across different disciplines including Tran Thi Tu Trinh (Bachelor of Business), Tran Khoi Nguyen (Diploma of Commerce) and English students, Tran Dang Manh and Thiem Dang Khoa.

They convinced judges John Wheeler, Isabella Van Staden and James Block, all from the Centre of English Language, that the knowledge and skills acquired in work experience, social interaction, involvement in student clubs, and internships were the major attributes sought by employers across Vietnam.

The English Savvy event supports RMIT Vietnam students to practice their presentation and public speaking skills in English.

This year four groups of students entered the competition which began with an essay writing round before ending with the final four groups competing in the presentation round.

Judge John Wheeler, senior educator for RMIT Vietnam's advanced English course, said the students effectively worked together in teams to present coherent arguments for their respective propositions.

"The students must also defend their proposition by answering challenging questions from other student groups.

"The delivery of clear and concise arguments from across the groups demonstrates the students' capability to take these skills to a professional setting," he said.

With an audience of over 80 students and parents, special guests included the Head of the Centre of English Language Dr Rodney Gillett, Deputy Head Ms Patricia Grimsley, as well as teachers from English who had conducted pre-competition workshops in debating and public speaking skills.

The event was co-hosted by the English Club, the Centre of English Language and Student Engagement.