RMIT Vietnam NewsEmployers look for more than technical skills

Employers look for more than technical skills

Friday, August 22, 2014 - 13:56

University graduates need a global way of thinking and practical skills and understanding, according to RMIT Vietnam panellists on a recent national television program covering choices in higher education.   

The VTV2 program, Student Recruitment Consultation, aims to provide useful information for students as they consider their career choices and determine relevant programs across universities in Vietnam.

Joining the discussion panel in late July, RMIT Vietnam President Professor Gael McDonald said employers look for university graduates offering a combination of technical knowledge as well as practical skills.

"Practical skills include time management, cross-cultural awareness, teamwork, critical thinking and communication," Professor McDonald.

"These skills can be developed through university programs which integrate practical skills with theory as well as student-led initiatives and activities.

"RMIT Vietnam has around 60 student clubs which foster the development of many valuable academic, interpersonal and cultural skills," she said.

"Opportunities such as student clubs and other student volunteer programs contribute to a rich learning experience for students, which assists in the development of soft skills."

As part of the program in August, RMIT Vietnam Career Counselling Coordinator Ms Phoenix Ho highlighted that securing a good job goes beyond completion of a degree.

"Employers are seeking graduates with skills in language, teamwork, communication, presentation and planning," Ms Phoenix Ho said.

"As a global university, students at RMIT Vietnam are exposed to an international way of thinking within the Vietnamese context, and the opportunity to gain skills and an understanding that go far beyond the technical.

"Our students enjoy increased confidence and analytical skills that give them an edge in the workplace."

View clips (episode 24 and episode 25) of VTV2's Student Recruitment Consultation program with Professor Gael McDonald and Ms Phoenix Ho.