RMIT Vietnam NewsDouble happiness for alumni - with RMIT as matchmaker!

Double happiness for alumni - with RMIT as matchmaker!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 10:13
Last "couple" anniversary before marriage
The couple and Tung's mother in Graduation day.
Tung & Hoa 's Wedding Ceremony

Two RMIT Vietnam alumni had the perfect month – in December 2015 they graduated AND married! 

Dang Tran Tung (Bachelor of Business - Economics and Finance) and Luong Bao Hoa (Bachelor of Professional Communication) have claimed RMIT Vietnam as their ‘matchmaker’, having graduated on December 5 and by marrying on December 20.

More than three years ago, Tung first met Hoa at an RMIT club meeting.

"I thought she was so stunning that I was scared to look her straight in the eyes!" he said.

"For several months we stayed the best of friends until one fine Monday afternoon I held her hands.

“We had felt that we had feelings for each other already so it just happened very naturally."

During their RMIT student lives, the two spent all day together and ate dinner at Hoa's house.

"Tung always stayed at my house until very late. My parents signalled for him to go home but he was too dull and shameless to notice," Hoa laughed.

Two alumni decided to hold the wedding themselves with friends' support instead of asking for help from their parents, encountering challenges along the way.

"You name it, we experienced it: two fresh graduates with a funds shortage trying to hold a wedding; my 'wedding stress'; a fulltime work schedule; unpredictable changes of plan," said Hoa.

"But at the end we overcame everything, making December one of the most wonderful times in our lives. From knowing each other’s weaknesses, we learnt acceptance and tried our best for the other’s sake," said Tung.

"The wedding was immaculate. We were blessed with the perfect weather and couldn't have asked for better company."

Hoa said she has many things to thank RMIT for.

“But most importantly I want to say thank you for being the matchmaker in my love journey.

“My husband and I are kicking off a new chapter in life but RMIT will always be the place where we first met each other."

Story: Van Doan