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A digital pioneer

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 18:31
A lecture in the BIS program at RMIT Vietnam

RMIT Vietnam graduate Diep Kim Thu blazed her own trail to become a well-respected expert in the IT industry. 

Diep Kim Thu, a graduate of the Bachelor of Business (Business Information Systems) program, never thought that one day she would become a successful pioneer in the IT industry, a field which had traditionally been dominated by men.

Originally dreaming of becoming a politician so she could improve the lives of others, Thu later discovered that communication technology was becoming an inseparable part of everyday life by changing how people interact with one another and bringing them closer together. She chose to study Business Information Systems at RMIT Vietnam.

RMIT Vietnam satisfied many criteria that Thu had in mind when choosing a university for her Bachelor degree: an English speaking campus, an international education and, more importantly, an ideal location right in her home country.

The Business Information Systems (BIS) program at RMIT Vietnam combines information technology with business knowledge to design systems that can transform business practice in the digital age. BIS was all that Thu was looking for at that moment, which was how to employ technology to improve others' lives.

The fact that IT was still considered a male-dominated field didn't stop Thu from pursuing her dream. She became the Product Manager at ASUS Vietnam, and regardless of the general perception about IT, Thu blazed her own trail to become a talented and well-respected expert in the field, which would have never happened if Thu had not selected RMIT Vietnam and the BIS program. Thu had found the key to UNLOCK THE POSSIBILITIES.