RMIT Vietnam NewsDien twins continue family tradition of graduating from RMIT

Dien twins continue family tradition of graduating from RMIT

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 10:49

Twins Dien Hanh Linh and Dien Huyen Linh continued a family tradition last week, becoming the second and third members of their family to graduate from RMIT Vietnam.

"I will describe it as a life-changing experience," said Dien Hanh Linh who graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree.

"That is what RMIT meant to me. It was not just about the program or teachers; it was about the way I think, [about how I] analyse and react to a problem.

"I have met amazing people, including teachers, friends and RMIT staff who have taught me so many things and always reminded me of who I want to be."

Hanh Linh's twin sister Huyen Linh had a similar experience at RMIT Vietnam, completing her Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) degree at the University’s Hanoi City campus.

"I think one word that sums up my experience at RMIT is 'fulfilment'," Huyen Linh said.

"RMIT gave me things that I expected from my university life.

“RMIT helped me to understand myself more than the past 18 years, which I really appreciate."

The Dien twins celebrate their graduation together in Hanoi.

The twins may look alike, but their similarities end there according to Hanh Linh.

"We are really different, in terms of interest and ability," said Hanh Linh.

"While Huyen is always fond of creating and experiencing, I am more interested in analysing and solving problems. The way we communicate and react is also very different, as she is more outgoing than I am."

"Our definitions about a good day or a good job are also different, and it reflects in our behaviours really clearly."

The Dien family has had a strong connection with RMIT, with three children completing degrees at the Hanoi City campus. The twins’ brother,  Dien Nguyen Tung Nam, also attended RMIT Vietnam and graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) degree in 2013.

The sisters believe that the family's emphasis on achieving a strong education is behind their relationship with the University.

"I think the reason for our strong connection with the school is that RMIT offers us a different viewpoint compared to other universities," Hanh Linh said.

"RMIT gives us a critical thinking system which is really beneficial to our future." 

The sisters also have different paths to follow in their future after graduating, as Hanh remains committed to her career path as a marketer and attaining her lifetime goal — owning a bookstore, while Huyen Linh is far more relaxed in her approach.

"I'm just 21 and my only plan is to get to know more about myself and the world," Huyen Linh said.

Story: Daniel Eslick