RMIT Vietnam NewsDesign students receive awards boost

Design students receive awards boost

Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 17:15

Three RMIT Vietnam Bachelor of Design students have gained international recognition by earning places in the semi-finals of the Adobe Design Awards.

“It is such an honour for me to see my work recognised by a large community like that,” said Ta Quang Huy, a student with four projects selected for the semi-final stage.

Huy, along with fellow Bachelor of Design students Nguyen Thuy Anh and Nguyen Ngoc Tuong Van, have a total of six projects selected for the semi-final stage of the awards.

Huy’s work is inspired by minimalism, a theme which influenced all four of the nominated designs.

“As a minimalism lover, I train myself every day to see the essence of the objects,” he said.

“All objects, ideas and concepts will eventually become shapes, lines, textures, typography, from which I can integrate into my designs. 

“My long term goal is to blow the minimalism wind into the Vietnam design industry. This achievement is like an inspiration.”


Nguyen Ngoc Van's nominated piece Fluferrie, a pet-themed cafeteria design for kids, is a creative piece which is aimed at animal lovers.

Van has also been nominated in the Fine Art photography category of the awards, with her photographs titled Looking Up making the grade for the semi-finals.

"It is an amazing feeling when your work is recognised and appreciated,” Van said.

“Thinking of that revives my motivation whenever I get stuck in the design process, or when I am studying and working in such a competitive industry." 

Nguyen Thuy Anh's inspiration is the fictional character anhquandui, a central figure in her nominated work. Anhquandui is Anh's own design and appears in many of her projects. 

"He gradually became my 'signature image', and my friends even started to call me anhquandui instead of my real name," Anh said.

"I took a risk to bring the image of a man wearing pattern shorts onto my formal papers, but this project really bears a bold stamp of my personality and characteristics."

Anh believes that her nomination in the Adobe Design Awards is a result of hard work and a boost to her confidence as a designer.

"Being rejected a few times made me a little bit dispirited on what I am doing; I started to question my orientation as well as my ability as a designer," Anh said.

"This nomination came at the right time to tell me that I should believe in myself and should continue trying my best."

Story:  Daniel Eslick