RMIT Vietnam NewsDesign students help to narrow the gap in education

Design students help to narrow the gap in education

Friday, August 15, 2014 - 10:45
From left to right RMIT Vietnam students Vo Quoc Huy, Luu Thanh Tu, Nguyen Thuy Thuc Uyen and RMIT Vietnam Lecturer Olivier Llouquet

Three RMIT Vietnam design students have been working with non-profit organisation LIN to develop the creative work for the organisation’s annual Narrow the Gap campaign.

The Narrow the Gap campaign raises funds to support marginalised groups who lack equal access to opportunities.

The focus for this year's campaign is on narrowing the gap in education.

The three students, who are studying a Bachelor of Design (Multimedia System), were mentored throughout the project by RMIT Vietnam Design Lecturer Olivier Llouquet.

Recognising the opportunity for students to apply their learning as well as contribute to the community, Mr Llouquet encouraged the students to get involved.

"It's a chance for students to apply their knowledge in a real working environment," he said.

"It has also been a completely different work environment for the group to work with an organisation with the pure goal of raising funds to support people who are disadvantaged."

Students Nguyen Thuy Thuc Uyen, Luu Thanh Tu and Vo Quoc Huy were quick to take up the opportunity to work on the Narrow the Gap campaign.

They all agree they have grown both personally and professionally as a result of their experience.

Ms Nguyen said it was a great learning experience to work on a campaign from the very beginning.

"We were soon busy with assigned tasks and learnt about working to deadline," she said.

With support from Mr Llouquet, the team successfully created the branding materials for the campaign which included a logo, posters and online communications tools.

The materials have been designed so they can be reused across other projects.

As a design student, Ms Nguyen said she had always aspired to be able to create beautiful products.

"After working on this campaign, I learnt how to create products which are not only beautiful but also effectively convey messages," she said.

"We've been spending around eight hours a week at LIN, which is almost the same amount of time required for one course at university.

"As a result, we've learnt to manage and balance time between school, work, and volunteering but still be able to enjoy student life."

Vo Quoc Huy also shared how the volunteer experience has helped him get prepared for entering the workforce.

Mr Llouquet commended the work and efficiency of all team members.

"My role was simply that of the mentor and helping to connect the students with this opportunity," he said.

"The students were responsible for the entire creation of the campaign and they can be very proud of their achievement."

This year's Narrow The Gap campaign has been a success, with fundraising targets exceeded.