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Cultural exchange

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 10:33
Doing the AIESEC dance together
The young ambassadors and RMIT AIESEC members joined a Vietnamese cooking class

RMIT Vietnam recently played host to a group of international youth ambassadors from around the world.

Students from around the world recently spent six weeks in Vietnam as part of the Vietnam 3D project. While in the country they gained an understanding of the culture by learning about Vietnamese cuisine and history.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the nine students from eight countries were guests of RMIT's AIESEC club, one of the campus's oldest clubs. Coming from Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, China, India, they spent time with RMIT Vietnam students sharing experiences of their respective countries. The group also toured to Danang and Hanoi.

During the food phase of the project, the young ambassadors had the opportunity to learn how to make Vietnamese food, and had the chance to cook for the kids at Huong Duong open house.

In the second phase of the project the international students learned about Vietnam's history, and ventured out on fieldtrips to Cu Chi, Nam Cat Tien Park and Binh Duong. Finally, they gave a presentation on their perspective on Vietnam after an eventful six weeks in the country.

AIESEC is a global youth network that aims to make a positive influence on the world through leadership development experiences.

President of the RMIT AIESEC club Long Nguyen Quang said the event was a great opportunity for more than 100 RMIT students to learn more about other cultures.

"I believe this project has brought Vietnam closer to people from many different countries all around the world," he said.