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Creativity in marketing

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 12:58
Panel discussion
Marketing Challengers 2015 launch

The necessity of creativity in marketing and daily life was addressed in a panel discussion as part of the Marketing Challengers 2015 launch.

Nearly 100 students in Ho Chi Minh City’s universities listened to the discussion from dedicated guest speakers in both academic and business.

RMIT Vietnam Senior Lecturer in Professional Communications program Nguyen Thi Nhai told students how being creative makes her life so much more inspiring.

“Creativity is the air we breathe every day in life when you use your imagination.”

If you come up with original ideas, if they suit the context there are elements of creativity,” Ms Nhai said.

Ms Nhai strongly believes creativity is needed for an innovative organisation.

“Good ideas are used by the client, not just words on paper.”

Dentsu Vietnam Chief Operating Officer Le Thi Kim Cu shared her thoughts about why creativity is needed in an agency.

“Creativity is not only important in marketing but also other fields including finance.”

“In finance, everything is not always placed in order and we are the people who know how to use things like guidelines or policy efficiently.”

Ms Kim Cu said: “iPad is an innovative example of Apple products because it has been made differently from our competitors’ products.

“Be flexible and think out of the box,” Ms Kim Cu advised.

“Creativity is the stage where you can present any ideas and find out what is most suitable.”

According to her company, creativity brings profitability.

“If you have a story to draw people’s attention, to talk and to share, you can earn more. We do not need to spend money on traditional media anymore because of word of mouth.”

RMIT Vietnam Senior Lecturer in Marketing program Melvin Fernando encourages students’ creativity.

“It does not matter if you think you are not creative, you will be surprised with ideas you come up with,” he said.

“Not everyone is creative. You can learn from others people and industry. “

To conclude his talk, Mr Fernando advised students on how to implement their marketing campaigns in competitions.

“Firstly, you should understand client’s brief and what they are expecting as well as your inspirations,” Mr Fernando said.

The Marketing Challengers 2015 is a nationwide marketing competition hosted by RMIT Vietnam Business Club involving students from across the country, held from 21 October to 26 December 2015.