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Career Week 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 11:03
Students explore TRG International booth at the Career Expo
More than 1,200 students and major employers attended the Career Expo

Students explored, experienced and engaged during RMIT University Vietnam Career Week 2014 through workshops, competitions, networking nights and an industry expo.  

The University's career week is a five-day annual program supporting students through connections with industry, career topic presentations as well as a range of fun and engaging student activities.

Students took up the opportunity to participate in the five workshops held during the week by leading human resources and information technology businesses, including TRG International, ManPower, Adecco Vietnam and Focus Consulting.

Tuesday's workshop was on exploring career pathways and was presented by RMIT Vietnam Career Consultant Mr Michael Healy from the Career Development and Employment team.

The workshop equipped students with the tools to identify both the professional and personal skills required for particular roles.

On the same day, General Director of Adecco Vietnam Ms Nicola Connolly presented on the topic, Company Research - How to get your dream job.

Ms Connolly said doing research on companies students are interested in joining helps to set the right direction for a career path.

"Students should take advantage of the available resources to do background research on companies, such as the corporate website, company press releases, corporate social media accounts, media coverage as well as asking friends and family what they may know about the company," Ms Connolly said.

On Wednesday, the You and the World of Work workshop presented by Branch Manager Manpower Ms Trang Nguyen gave students great tips and advice on the skills that employers want and how they can make themselves stand out and be employable.

Ms Nguyen emphasised how students can transfer general skills into employable skills, such as negotiation, perseverance, confidence and problem-solving.

Thursday's presentation by founder and CEO of TRG International Mr Rick Yvanovich gave an interesting insight into recruitment and networking.

Successful behaviours demonstrated by job seekers were highlighted as well as examples of how leading companies recruit and network.

Mr Yvanovich said although job candidate behaviours of passion, critical thinking and perseverance are key factors in recruitment, the critical factor is job fit.

"If there is not the right fit with the job, the team, the manager and the organisational culture, even the best candidate would not last long in the role," Mr Yvanovich said.

The final workshop for the week covered salary and negotiation and was presented by Executive Search Manager Focus Consulting Mr Truong Tuan.

Mr Tuan made a key point during the workshop around students needing to prioritise work performance, work environment and opportunities for promotion as they enter the workforce.

As part of Career Week 2014, RMIT Vietnam's Career Development and Employment team also ran a competition offering a four million VND prize for a student club to run a workshop on developing career pathways.

The Enactus Student Club was successful in its pitch for a workshop for new students on how to identify themselves and foster their own personal brand.

Another competition during the week was the Career Week Writing Contest, giving students the opportunity to capture in 150 words the key skills they identified they would need for their future career and how they would be developed during their time at RMIT Vietnam.

Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) student Ms Nguyen Truong Anh Thu won the contest for her entry which focused on the importance of communication.

Thu was awarded a Fujifim Instax, with runners-up also receiving small prizes.

The week also saw the launch of the career mentoring program as well as a career expo, attended by more than 1,200 students and 40 major employers including Career Week's sponsors TRG, Vietnam Esports, Chợtố, CPA Australia, Robert Bosch.

RMIT Vietnam Hanoi will host its career week from 27 to 31 October 2014.