RMIT Vietnam NewsA Canvas of creativity

A Canvas of creativity

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 09:50

RMIT Vietnam’s School of Communication & Design is showcasing creative student works at Canvas, its first off-campus exhibition, at L’Usine Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City.

The exhibition features a variety of student work displayed across a series of framed canvasses.

“The concept was inspired from the canvas as a starting point for creative work, each piece an exploration of ideas,” explained Associate Professor Gretchen Wilkins, Head of Department – Design.

“Collectively, these pieces canvass the work of the School, capturing a series of approaches, attitudes and emerging skills across disciplines and levels of study.”

Associate Professor Gretchen Wilkins, Head of Department – Design, introduces the concept of Canvas.

Student works from different courses including fashion, photography, typography, virtual reality, architecture, experimental video, and publication design are printed on or projected onto the canvasses.

One of the pieces that immediately triggers the imagination is a global-warming themed photography piece by Nguyen Ha Giang (Bachelor of Design), which is also presented in the exhibition’s brochure.

In her work Giang re-interpreted a viral video about a man frying eggs in the sun during Vietnam’s temperature-peaking days.

Explaining how she translated her view of the global problem into photographic language, Giang explained: “The photo is my interpretation of over-population as a cause of global warming.”

The photography work by Nguyen Ha Giang (Bachelor of Design) is displayed at the exhibition.

Pham Dang Khiem, the first-prize winner of the ‘Print is not dead’ book award, also presented his work at the exhibition.

Comprising old tales with concealed morals embedded in every story, Khiem’s ‘Mahakarunika Compassion’ seeks to help readers find compassion, peace, and meaningful values amid busy city lives.

The exhibition is designed to integrate seamlessly with L’Usine’s space, complementing its existing interior beauty.

Visitors of the exhibition will be inspired to imagine and interpret the creative works while immersing themselves in one of Saigon’s biggest hubs for creativity.

“As the School’s first exhibition outside of RMIT campus, Canvas aims to inspire more creative collaborations with the industry,” Associate Professor Gretchen Wilkins added.

The exhibition runs from 29 September through to 29 October at L’Usine, 151/5 Dong Khoi, D1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Watch a sneak preview of the Canvas exhibition here:

Story: Thanh Phuong