RMIT Vietnam NewsBusiness mentors to boost student learning

Business mentors to boost student learning

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 16:53
Thao Trinh (left), Bachelor of Commerce student talking to a mentor at the RMIT Vietnam mentoring project launch
RMIT Vietnam staff and business mentors at the RMIT Vietnam mentoring project launch
RMIT Vietnam mentoring project launch at the New World Hotel

Thao Trinh knows she needs to learn how people do business in the real world if she is to succeed in her dream of running her own business.

That’s why the third year Bachelor of Commerce student signed onto the new RMIT Vietnam mentoring project.

The pilot project matches 15 students with mentors from the business world.

Hanneke Mallegrom from RMIT Melbourne’s Global Careers said for students the project is an opportunity to gain insight into industry and find out whether what they’re learning works in the real world.

The plan is for 15 students and mentors in Vietnam to meet for at least an hour a fortnight over six months, with a progress report in October.

A program will be running at the same time in Melbourne.

“Through their mentor, each student will have someone they can trust and ask questions of,” Ms Mallegrom said.

“Mentors will also gain from the experience as they provide support to the students and hear their fresh perspectives.

“For them it’s an opportunity to invest in the workforce of the future.”

The mentoring project has been received enthusiastically by students in Vietnam, who met their mentors recently at an event at the New World Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Twenty-one year-old Thao Trinh is studying management in her degree but what really fascinates her is marketing.

“I want to know how it’s dealt with in the real situation, where the theory is applied,” she said.

“When I travelled to Singapore recently I was very impressed with the service in businesses there; people seem so organised and professional.

“I need to learn from experienced people about how they do business in the real business world – and this mentoring experience can help me with that.”

RMIT Vietnam Senior Manager Career Development and Employment Linh Nguyen said students and their mentors could meet in person or by telephone, email or Skype.

“We’ll be checking in on our mentors and students to ensure everyone is heading in the right direction and is comfortable,” she said.