RMIT Vietnam NewsA bright future in farming

A bright future in farming

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 13:41
Students visited Sunny Farm as part of the Global Marketing course.
During the visit, students also participated in team building activities.

An RMIT Vietnam graduate has headed to the country to set up a sustainable farm offering healthy and environmentally friendly produce as well as contributing to community development.

Nguyen Vu Minh Quan, a graduate of RMIT Vietnam’s Bachelor of Commerce program, decided to establish a farm three years ago when he saw people leaving the rural farming community for the big smoke of the city.

“I wanted to contribute to maintaining the industry by looking at the different roles and opportunities available in farming,” Quan said.

“There needed to be encouragement for farmers to stay in the area.

“Areas such as organic farming and offering high quality produce can help to change the demand and provide a reason for farmers to stay,” he said.

Quan’s farm, which is named Sunny Farm and is in Long An Province, was visited by RMIT Vietnam students as part of the Global Marketing course.

Students took part in team building activities as well as had a tour of the farm, which allocates 20% of its profits to community development.

“The day’s agenda also included an information session on the Sunny Farm business model, enabling students to connect back to their learning in the Global Marketing course,” Quan said.

“I was also pleased to share my thoughts on the many career options available in sustainable and organic farming.”