RMIT Vietnam NewsA big start for a little cupcake

A big start for a little cupcake

Monday, April 25, 2016 - 12:45
Mint Cupcake Creations’ founder Dang Thi Anh Tho (left) at her pop-up store in Ho Chi Minh City in February.

RMIT Vietnam Bachelor of Commerce graduate Dang Thi Anh Tho has created colourful, delicious little cupcakes worthy of joining the KAfé group, a popular food and beverage chain among Vietnamese youth.

Soon after graduating in 2013, Tho started Mint Cupcake Creations with the belief that her culinary creations would help leave a mark on Vietnam’s dynamic food and beverage market.

“I love baking and have discovered the limitlessness in the taste and decoration of cupcakes,” she said.

Almost all of Tho’s family and friends advised her to gain experience with an established organisation before starting her own business.

But Tho had other ideas.

“My thought was that if you want to become an entrepreneur, starting earlier is better,” Tho shared. 

“If you fail you still have enough time to do it again.”

At first Tho doubted whether she had made the right decision to strike out on her own. Tho faced financial pressures but she didn’t give up.

Instead of faltering, the Mint Cupcake Creations founder expanded her business from one store to four in Hanoi.

In early 2016 the 24-year-old employer of 35 staff decided to join the KAfé Group in hopes of speeding up Mint Cupcake Creations’ growth.

“I believe it’s time to expand; with limited finances and experience, I need support in business strategy, operations and marketing from experts in the field,” Tho said.

“KAfé is giving me what I need now.”

Looking back, it was her time at RMIT Vietnam and a student club that shaped her into the person she is today.

“I didn’t just learn theoretical knowledge at RMIT, but also how to think differently and to be proactive in my work and future,” Tho shared.

“I also discovered my potential in management and organising, and became close friends with a group of people during my involvement with RMIT’s Event Club.”

Today the young entrepreneur is using all those skills as she plans the launch of her fifth store in Hanoi and others in Ho Chi Minh City by the end of this year.

Story: Ha Hoang