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BarcampSaigon 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 09:10
BarcampSaigon participants register discussion topics
A workshop during previous BarcampSaigon event

RMIT Vietnam’s Centre of Technology was proud to host the 7th BarcampSaigon event on Sunday 7 July, one of the biggest and most innovative technology events in South-East Asia. 

At BarcampSaigon, experts and enthusiasts get together to introduce each other to cutting edge technologies such as Bigdata, NoSQL, and Node.JS, and learn how to make mobile apps, develop “cloud” applications, secure and optimise web applications, use social media effectively, save costs using free open source software, apply eLearning in education, start and fund an IT company in Vietnam, and many others. 

BarcampSaigon is unique, due to its informal and open nature. Anyone can present, lead a discussion, or conduct a workshop about a topic they feel passionate about. Participants attend the sessions they are most interested in. 

All participants are allowed to submit topics on the morning of BarcampSaigon and throughout the day. Historically, BarcampSaigon has usually had about 60 per cent of discussion topics in Vietnamese and 40 per cent in English. 

RMIT Vietnam’s Head of Centre of Technology Professor Serge Demidenko said that as a global university of technology and design, RMIT Vietnam was proud to host the biggest and most innovative technology event in the country for the sixth time. 

“The last five years, BarcampSaigon has created unique opportunities for our Bachelor of Information Technology students to meet with other IT enthusiasts, industry professionals, potential employers, entrepreneurs and even venture capitalists. 

“Last year RMIT was unable to host BarcampSaigon because of the expansion of the Saigon South campus. This year, RMIT is back and the event will be hosted in a new building, with a bigger theatre, and bigger and more open classrooms and workspaces,” Professor Demidenko said. 

BarcampSaigon is an ‘unconference’ that was created in the tech community in 2005. Organisers of the event only organised the space, and the people from the community were the presenters. That means the quality of the event depends on the community. 

Today, Barcamps are held in over 350 cities across the world. In Vietnam, BarcampSaigon was started in 2008 and there have been 6 in Saigon so far. 

For more information on BarcampSaigon or to register to attend the event on Sunday 7 July, go to the BarcampSaigon website.