RMIT Vietnam NewsAwards Recognise Student Leadership

Awards Recognise Student Leadership

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 09:16

Student Leadership Recognition Awards have been presented to RMIT Vietnam students who have exhibited outstanding leadership and contribution to their community.

RMIT Student Leadership Recognition Awards (SLRAs) are now in their 8th year and have opened pathways to help these RMIT students unlock their full potential.

Among ten awards handed out in 2017, three of the recipients won a return trip to Bangkok to attend the 8th University Scholarship Leadership Symposium 2017 in August. The winners of these awards were Tran Phuong Linh from Hanoi City campus, and Mai Duc Hieu and Dang Kim Thien Huong from Saigon South campus.

(From left to right) Huong, Hieu and Linh attend the Symposium in Bangkok.

Linh is an International Business student who was the HR leader for the Student Ambassador Team (SAT) for two years. She said she believed her personal statement was a significant factor in why she received the award.

 “I talked about what I thought makes a good leader. I wrote that a leader is not a person who controls everyone but empowers everyone, then everyone can shine on their own. This is what I learned after two years being the HR leader of SAT,” Linh said.

 “The award is indeed a recognition for students who devote our time to club activities and showcase how we have grown as leaders,” she said. “Also, a trip to join the symposium was so wonderful to me.”

Hieu was honoured with an award on his second attempt. In high school, Hieu had been a quiet and shy student. After starting at RMIT Vietnam, the environment and friends he made encouraged him to go beyond of his safe zone and challenge himself to become leader for the first time.

Hieu (first from left) joined Service Day, one of the activities of the Symposium in Bangkok

He said he was happy to receive the award, but also felt a responsibility to work harder and devote more effort to paying back the honour and trust he had gained.

 “I learned a lot after the trip to Bangkok and also other trips that I had been on,” Hieu said. “I think SLRAs is fantastic, not only about the trophy but also about what we can gain from the prize which is a chance to join the symposium. It was also a good chance to make new friends and to listen to inspiring people and their incredible stories.” 

“Now I want to give back to people who are in need. One of the things I can do now is to share with others, especially RMIT students.”

In the next few months before applying for an MBA program, Hieu said his schedule would be filled with projects aimed at helping his community.

Story: Phạm Kiều Trang