RMIT Vietnam NewsAusCham Scholarship winner eyes opportunities

AusCham Scholarship winner eyes opportunities

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 16:58

Do Tuan Binh, one of the three recipients of the 2017 AusCham RMIT Executive MBA Scholarships, aims to explore new business approaches and initiatives to expand his company and his family’s business.

Having graduated from the Foreign Trade University of Vietnam with a Bachelor of International Economics in 2000, Binh went on to complete a Masters at the same university before embarking on his first job at the Vietnam Ministry of Commerce. In 2003 Binh started working at QBE Insurance and is currently the Hanoi Branch Manager.

Binh believes that RMIT Vietnam’s EMBA will support his career as Branch Manager by leading him to new business approaches and helping him to think outside of the box.

“The approaches and philosophies [in the EMBA program] are delivered by highly qualified and experienced facilitators and experts from different industries,” he said.

“I will have a very good chance to expand my network with people from various industries. I am excited to explore new business ideas during and after my EMBA journey.”

QBE is a prolific global general insurer and Binh aims to utilise the skills he acquires at RMIT to develop his international business insights and examine the issues which are relevant to Vietnam.

Do Tuan Binh (centre) with his QBE Vietnam Insurance colleagues.

An important aspect he wishes to focus on will be affinity distribution channels, which is a method of selling goods and services by creating partnerships with similar or compatible companies and brands.

“My company is a rather well-known Global General Insurer. I am looking forward to the affinity distribution channel, which surely requires a lot of innovative thinking, good project management skills, and strong teamwork spirit as well as a wide network,” Binh said.

Binh not only wishes to use the EMBA to expand his company, but also to help his family in future business ventures.

“I also hope that I can support my wife to make her plans come true. In the future, she intends to found a small non-profit training centre that will provide children with life-skills training,” said Binh.

“I expect that I can help her to design a good business model and add value to her network. My network with a wide variety of stakeholders shall be a key contributor.”

The EMBA scholarships were introduced by RMIT in 2015, aimed at candidates with managerial experience who demonstrate leadership skills and are committed to life-long learning.

The RMIT EMBA offers a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with other business students from across the globe, leading to discussions on the relevant and real aspects of business life.

Story: Daniel Eslick