RMIT Vietnam NewsArt tour highlights visual language techniques

Art tour highlights visual language techniques

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 16:56
Students visit the Grapevine Selection Volume 2 exhibition.
The tour was part of the University’s Visual Language course.

The power of visual language was the focus for RMIT Vietnam students as part of a recent visit to the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Art.

Students from the Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) program in Hanoi recently met with six emerging contemporary artists featured in the museum’s Grapevine Selection Volume 2 Exhibition.

The tour was part of the University’s Visual Language course, which introduces techniques visual artists use to convey clear and concise messages with an impact.

Lecturer Brenda Mattick said it helped students revise and apply course theories through discussions with the artists about their creations.

“The visit was organised following positive feedback from a similar workshop held last semester during the University’s Personal Development Week,” Ms Mattick said.

“At the museum, students were encouraged to discuss the artwork with the artists, drawing on their learning in class.

“It was a great opportunity for students to develop their personal responses to art and form a foundation for their follow-up assessment as part of the course.”

Student Nguyen Vu Mai Anh said she found it easier to absorb abstract concepts in Visual Language after the art tour.

“Before taking the course, I had limited knowledge of art and faced challenges in grasping some of the complex concepts,” Anh said.

“The activities gave me insight into the ideas behind visual elements, enhancing my interest in the course and art as well.”

Classmate Nguyen My Linh agreed the tour helped her to understand the real meaning of the power of visual language.

“I really enjoyed the tour because it was a platform for beginners like us to make connection with accomplished artists, which would be valuable source to draw on for our upcoming assignment,” Linh said.

“It also provided me with the chance to learn from talented artists about how to use visual elements like colour, texture or unity to deliver a message and define an identity, which is helpful for my future career as a communicator.”