RMIT Vietnam NewsAlumnus dreams up succour for Masterchef tragics

Alumnus dreams up succour for Masterchef tragics

Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 09:54
RMIT alumnus Nguyen Ngoc Duy Luan shows off his cooking site

If a lonely stalk of broccoli and a frozen pack of ground beef are the only items in your refrigerator at the end of a working day do not despair.

RMIT alumnus Nguyen Ngoc Duy Luan has cooked up a website of recipes to help Masterchef tragics concoct an evening meal from ingredients in their kitchen pantry.

In his spare time after developing software for IT solutions company TRG International, the Bachelor of Business Information Systems graduate has stirred up a website that’s a boon to reluctant supermarket shoppers: (in Vietnamese).

“My website can be used to generate menus or recipes based on available ingredients,” HCMC-based Luan said.

“But it is also a social network for cookery lovers who want to share their recipes with others.”

Launched in January this year,’s initial phase included cited recipes gathered from other websites.

Since then around 1200 would-be-chefs have posted their favourite recipes as inspiration to workers who gaze hungrily into a half-empty fridge at the end of the day. Around 1800 people a month are munching their way happily through tasty spreads based on recipes.

All have provided Luan with encouraging website traffic although the site is not yet making money.

But he has a plan.

“I plan to generate income though advertising cooking equipment and partnering with ingredient vendors,” Luan said.

“In a year I want to be earning commissions by facilitating delivery of ingredients from vendors to website users.”

Luan’s role is development of the site; his two team members do marketing and PR, working up relationships with ingredient vendors.

Story: Sharon Webb