RMIT Vietnam NewsAccounting student wins coveted internship at Deloitte Vietnam

Accounting student wins coveted internship at Deloitte Vietnam

Monday, November 16, 2015 - 17:06
Phu received his certificate after passing the fourth round of Breaking the Limit competition.
Phu signed the contract to start the internship in Deloitte Vietnam in December 2015

Nguyen Phan Hoang Phu joined the Breaking the Limit competition for an opportunity to join Deloitte Vietnam, one of the most successful companies in the accounting industry.

The top five participants in the competition would get a ticket to enter Deloitte’s South East Asia internship program. This would not an easy path.

Phu worked hard in each round and won the Deloitte Vietnam internship before moving onto the final round along with 53 other contestants.

“In the first two rounds I just tried my best to show my achievements, knowledge and critical thinking skills to the judges,” Phu said.

“The third round was about group discussion. I played a supporting role, trying to accommodate my team with an environment where they could contribute freely and confidently.”

The fourth was the most difficult round; contestants faced three judges including one HR staff member and two managers from other departments. Those who passed this round would receive the internship position at Deloitte Vietnam.

“I moved to the fourth round with confidence and enthusiasm. It was all about showing off your skills and experiences to the judges,” Phu said.

“It was a surprise when I received the result. No words could describe how happy I was.”

Unfortunately, Phu did not pass the fifth and final round to get the SEA internship program. However, participating in the competition was the best experience in his life so far. He learnt how to perform better in the interview world.

“Before, I learned these skills from books and articles. They were just theories. Through the Breaking the Limit competition, I had the opportunity to put these skills into practice.”

“I also better understood my role in a group environment through the group discussion round thanks to this competition,” he said.

Phu will begin his internship at Deloitte Vietnam on December 14, 2015.