LRC project

LRC project

Hue University  

Commenced in 2001, the Hue Learning Resource Centre consists of a four storey building of approximately 7,000 square metres, and includes a range of facilities such as networked PC workstations, group study and audiovisual facilities, a range of print and electronic resources, and a training, seminar and conference facility.

The total value of the project is approximately USD 5.4 million. The formal hand-over of the LRC occurred at its opening ceremony on 23 March 2004, with services to students commencing in June. 

University of Da Nang

 The 5,500 square metre Learning Resource Centre at Da Nang is being developed on the College of Engineering campus approximately 10 kilometres west of the city centre. The primary focus of this LRC will be to serve the needs of the Engineering and nearby Education Colleges, but in addition it is expected to be networked with the existing Information Resources Centre in Da Nang University to create an integrated information service for the whole university.

Total project is approximately USD 3.897 million, with the formal opening of the LRC on 26 July 2005. 

Can Tho University  

At Can Tho, the LRC development was built on the existing library service on Campus two of the university to provide a multi-disciplinary service for the whole staff and student community. While incorporating similar services and facilities to the LRCs in both Hue and Da Nang, a range of building design principles are introduced to reduce energy consumption and minimise waste, and to lower the ongoing operating costs of the facility to a manageable level.

Total project cost is USD 9.13 million for this 7,200 square metre building, with completion and hand-over to the university in April 2006. The opening ceremony was held on 25 April 2006.

Thai Nguyen University  

RMIT Vietnam has helped support the creation of the Thai Nguyen Learning Resource Centre, a modern library and information centre which uses a full range of facilities and activities to support local learning.

Total project cost is USD 6.75 million for this 7,200 square metre building.The project was formally handed over to the Thai Nguyen University for operation on 21 December 2007.