Strong relationships with industry

RMIT University Vietnam has always enjoyed strong relationships with industry leaders in Vietnam, and we offer many benefits to the organisations with whom we connect. We believe that a long term, ongoing relationship between a university, its students, and business innovators in the region is a mutually beneficial cycle:

  • Industry provides input into the University;
  • This helps the University to shape students into graduates that are more suitable for industry’s short and long term needs;
  • The graduates’ unique skill set, developed based on industry trends, makes them more likely to excel in their careers;
  • …Which means industry is employing the best people for the job.

Add to that RMIT’s workforce development options, tailored for the needs of industry partners, and it's win win win! Read on to see how your involvement with RMIT University Vietnam can be a win for your organisation.

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Whether you're looking for a short-term intern, part-time employees, or hoping to recruit your next future CEO, we can help.

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Why our students are different

RMIT Vietnam students gain many of the same advantages as students who study abroad, while still understanding the local context.

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The more students know about you, the more likely they are to want to work for you. Find out how to connect with our current student body.

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