How to apply for English for University

How to apply for English for University

Follow these three simple steps to apply for English for University

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Step 1: Register for a placement test

Register for an English placement test at RMIT Vietnam. You can tentatively book the placement test by phone, but in order to reserve your place, you will need to pay a deposit at the University. Since the places for the test are limited, make sure you register as soon as possible. The cost of the test is VND 360,000.

Step 2:Placement test

Step 2

Take your English placement test at your allocated time. The test will include one writing essay (30 minutes), the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) (up to 60 minutes) and a 10 to 15 minute face-to-face interview with a foreign instructor. The total time is between one and two hours.

You'll need to arrive promptly at your test booking time and bring along the following documents:

1. 1 photocopy of your high school transcript (with approval stamp)
2. 1 photocopy of your high school graduation certificate or the temporary certificate of high school graduation (with approval stamp)
3. Higher Education Application Fees: 450,000 VND (if you also wish to apply for a higher education program)
4. 1 photocopy of your ID card or passport with the visa page
5. Registration slip
6. Receipt/certificate of money transfer for test fees
7. 2 photos 3x4
8. Certificate of Prioritised Recruitment (if applicable)

You'll receive your results immediately - no one likes to wait for test results!

Step 3: Results

If you fit into one of RMIT Vietnam's levels from Beginner to Advanced, you'll be invited to join our English language program.

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