Graduate Attribute: Work-ready

Graduate Attribute: Work-ready

Ready and willing...

Graduates of RMIT University will have an appropriate level of English language proficiency. They will have participated in learning opportunities to develop the confidence to approach employment with enthusiasm, appropriate knowledge and commitment, and will possess the skills and knowledge to develop the ability to contribute to their community and the development of the industry in which they work.

Examples of how this graduate attribute can be evidenced include:

  • Demonstrate English language proficiency to an appropriate level to perform effectively in the enterprise/industry/community.
  • Use communication and team working skills to promote productive and cohesive relations among employees and to ensure tasks are accomplished effectively.
  • Embrace problem solving, initiative and enterprise skills that contribute to productive and innovative outcomes for the enterprise/industry/community.
  • Apply sound planning and organisational skills that promote and contribute to the strategic planning of their enterprise or organisation.
  • Take responsibility for self-management using skills that contribute to personal and career satisfaction and development.
  • Use technology in a manner that contributes to the effective management and execution of a range of tasks.
  • Acquire skills in understanding and managing the political dimensions of work environments.
  • Apply technology competently and appropriately.

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