Graduate Attribute: Innovative

Graduate Attribute: Innovative

Creative approaches and new ways of thinking

Graduates of RMIT University will have had the opportunity to develop creative and innovative ways of knowing, thinking and doing, using critically reflective and transformative approaches to generate new ideas, artefacts, products, interpretations or ways of viewing professional projects and tasks.

Examples of how this graduate attribute can be evidenced include:

  • Use imaginative processes to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns or relationships.
  • Embrace, investigate and respect the worth of divergent thinking.
  • Apply an observant mind to all manner of material and non-material matter.
  • Take an open, flexible, playful and persistent approach to designing, developing and realising their work.
  • Apply a sophisticated approach to spatial and aesthetic relationships by exploring the appropriate materials to express and communicate ideas.
  • Be daring in thinking and curious when taking creative and innovative professional risks.

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