Graduate Attribute: Global in outlook and competence

Graduate Attribute: Global in outlook and competence

See the world with new eyes...

Graduates of RMIT University will have had opportunities to acquire professional and cultural skills that enable them to engage thoughtfully and effectively with the great diversity of people and situations they encounter at work and socially.

Examples of how this graduate attribute can be evidenced include:

  • Undertake an international experience as part of their program of study.
  • Engage with RMIT's international education and industry networks which provide a wide range of opportunities for students to enhance their education or research experience.
  • Complete a program of study that is internationally relevant.
  • Analyse, evaluate and articulate the implications of diversity for their interpersonal and work relations.
  • Confidently employ and adapt their professional expertise in different cross-border legal, political, economic, cultural and social environments.
  • Work in diverse teams to solve complex problems through respectful communication, negotiation and cooperation to effect positive change.

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