Graduate Attribute: Culturally and socially aware

Graduate Attribute: Culturally and socially aware

Cultural sensitivity...

Graduates of RMIT University will have developed cultural, social and ethical awareness and skills, consistent with a positive role as responsible and engaged members of local, national, international and professional communities.

Examples of how this graduate attribute can be evidenced include:

  • Recognise and respect the role of cultural difference and diversity in work and social contexts.
  • Practise non-discriminatory attitudes in relation to all kinds of difference and diversity, not simply culturally but also those based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, identity and ability.
  • Acknowledge and critically reflect upon personal attitudes, decisions and conduct.
  • Articulate and apply personal ethical actions in professional and vocational situations.
  • Assess and evaluate issues of social justice as they apply in particular discipline, vocational and professional contexts.
  • Analyse and examine issues of social justice and equality with respect to all peoples and individuals.
  • Appraise and critique the potentially powerful social and economic effects of enterprise and business activities on particular groups and individuals.

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