FAQs and Support for STS

FAQs and Support for STS

Student timetabling system frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Section 1: Introduction to student timetabling system (STS)

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1. What are the benefits of the STS?

The STS:

  • Can be viewed anytime, anywhere with a smart phone;
  • Allows you to see when other courses are scheduled;
  • Shows teaching room timetables including ad hoc bookings;
  • Allows you to download your timetable or view it on your mobile device;
  • Can be synchronised with your Google calendar;
  • Is accessible to thousands of students at the same time;
  • Connects your timetable with others and collaborate on group activities.

2. Where can I go for help with STS?

Check out the Intro video and Quick guides for more information or drop into RMIT Connect:

Saigon South Hanoi

RMIT Service Point – Student Commons – Ground Floor – Beanland Building

Tel: +84 28 3776 1306

Room 1.1.009

Tel: +84 24 3724 5930

3. Do we have a tutorial video for first time users?

Yes. You can find other helpful Quick Guides from this link Intro video and Quick guides.

4. Does the STS support PostGrad intensive courses?

Yes, intensive courses will show up on the STS for the days classes are running.

5. I am an English student. Do I have to use STS?

Diploma and UniStart students who take English courses as part of their program can view their timetable using STS. For some English courses, you will be allocated to a class-group by a program coordinator. However, for the academic courses in your program, you choose class-groups yourself.

EU and IELTS students do not use STS; your timetable is available from the administration staff in your School.

Section 2: Accessing the Student Timetabling System

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1. How can I log in to the STS?

You can access the STS by clicking here:  Student Login

Log in using your RMIT username and password.

2. When can I access the STS?

Please go to Class Registration Dates for this information.

3. Do I get access at the same time as other students?

Generally all students get access at the same time, unless stated otherwise on the page Class Registration Dates.

4. I am a study abroad student coming to Vietnam. Do I have to use STS?

Yes, please contact RMIT Connect if you have any questions or problems.

5. I have problems logging into STS, what should I do?

A number of things you could try:

  • Make sure you type your s-number and password correctly.
  • Check Class Registration Dates to see if STS is open or not.
  • Try logging into Canvas to see if there is an account login issue, if so please contact ITS (it@rmit.edu.vn).

Section 3: Allocating Yourself to Class Groups

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1. What details can I see about the class groups that are available for my courses?

For all class groups, you can see the type of class, location, day, time and other information.

2. Some of my courses have only one class-group. Do I have to log in to select this group?

Yes. You must log in to the system to let RMIT know that you are actively seeking a place for your courses, even if there is only one class-group for some of your courses.

3. STS has been closed for student allocation but I still have courses that I have not selected a class­group for. How can I allocate myself to these class­groups?

STS is closed for student allocation a few days after the deadline for adding courses on Online Enrolment. Refer to the Important Dates section to see when this is. When STS is closed for student allocation, you cannot select or change class­groups. If you were unable to allocate yourself to classgroups for one or more of your courses, please contact RMIT Connect for help.

4. Is there priority access for STS?

Generally, no. STS works on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you log in, the more choices you will have to select your preferred class-group. However, STS allows priority access to special groups identified by the University.

5. I am considering switching courses. Can I view other course timetables before switching to another course?

Yes, you can view other course timetables. Please see Intro video and Quick guides for this function.

6. If I make changes to my enrolment via OES, how long does it take to show on STS?

Normally your most up-­to­-date enrolment is visible immediately after you log in. However, during peak time, it will take up to one hour before changes appear.

7. How can I be sure that my allocation is successful? Do I receive a confirmation email?

No. STS does not send an email to confirm your selection. However, you can view your timetable by clicking on the Timetable tab; if the selected class-group is displayed you have successfully registered.

8. Do I get any notification if there are changes to my timetable?

Yes, there will be notifications if there are any changes to rooms, dates, times, etc.

9. What does the orange symbol with the word ‘Pending’ mean on the left hand side of the screen?

RMIT Vietnam is not using this pending function. Although it is visible, it has no meaning for your use of STS. The STS will work purely on a first­-come­-first-­served basis.

10. Can I choose and view my timetable for the current semester and future semesters as well?

STS shows your timetable for the current semester and previous semesters in the same year.

Section 4: Managing Allocation Problems

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1. What if the course group I want to study is full?

A place may become available later if other students drop this course or change their class group, you will need to keep checking STS to see if it shows as no longer full. If there is an exceptional reason for you taking a particular course group, please contact RMIT Connect and explain your situation.

2. Can I join a full group due to personal reasons?

No. Allocation will work purely on a first­-come­-first­-served basis.

3. Can my teacher allocate me to another group of the same course?

No. Only RMIT Connect can change individual students’ timetables. Teachers and administrative staff in schools and centres do not have the access rights to change individual students’ timetables. This is to ensure all students are treated consistently and fairly.

Section 5: Other Timetabling Features

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1. Can I see my timetable on my smartphone or mobile device?

Yes. STS supports iCal. Using iCal, you can add your timetable to your google calendar; more information can be found in Intro video and Quick guides section. Once that timetable is added to your Google calendar, you can access it through your smartphone or mobile device.

2. Can I see the availability of rooms on the system?

Yes, STS shows teaching room timetables. However, only scheduled teaching activities will be shown. Ad hoc bookings outside the University timetable will not be shown. This means that a free slot on a room timetable does not guarantee the room is really free.

3. Can I share my timetable with other students so they can see my groups and courses to assist me in setting up study groups?

Yes, STS allows you to make connections with classmates. To use this function, click on LiveCal in the top-right of the screen, and then click Connections.

4. Will the midterm and final exam schedules show up on the system?

No. Exam timetables will be made available through only one official channel: the student intranet.

Need more help?

If you need more help with general timetable enquiries, please visit RMIT Connect Service Point at your campus:

Saigon South Hanoi

Student Commons Area - Ground floor - Beanland Building

Tel: +84 28 3776 1306

Room 1.1.009

Tel: +84 24 3724 5930