FAQs about your studying in RMIT Vietnam

FAQs about your studying in RMIT Vietnam

Registration and enrolment

What are RMIT University’s semester dates?

RMIT Vietnam has three intakes per year, corresponding to our trimester system of study.

  • February intake
  • June intake
  • October intake

Where can I find information about the enrolment process for new international students?

The enrolment process information for new students is available at new students - getting started page.

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Attendance and enrolment

Do I need to complete a form to cancel my enrolment?

Before you decide to cancel your enrolment you should discuss your options with your academic program.

If you decide to discontinue your studies, you must complete the Cancellation of Enrolment form, then lodge the form at the student centre before the census date.

What should I do if I want to vary my enrolment (add or drop courses)?

If you enrolled online and you want to amend your enrolment, you can do this online prior to the relevant last day to add/drop classes in each semester.

Please refer to student diary for the relevant cut off dates to add or drop classes in each semester.

In addition to checking the relevant deadlines to add or drop classes, you must also:

  • check that you meet the pre-requisites for any courses you add
  • consider the implications of dropping a course that may be a pre-requisite for subsequent courses in your program.

Read your program map so you are familiar with pre-requisites and course sequencing of your program.

You should seek advice from your academic program prior to making a final decision about continuing with your program. Have you also considered other options that are available to you such as taking leave of absence?

If you decide not to continue with your program, you are required to complete a Cancellation of Enrolment form and lodge it at student centre  before the census date. The last dates for the cancellation of a program enrolment without academic or financial penalty are published in the Fees and charge guides and the student diary.

If you change your institution you must submit your cancellation to student centre before or by census date.

I would like to defer my program. How can I do this?

Commencing (new) students who receive an offer for a place in undergraduate or postgraduate program may be able to defer their offer for up to one year.

You must do this before the enrolment date specified in your offer letter.

What does ‘leave of absence’ mean?

If you want to take a break from your studies you can apply for leave of absence. A leave of absence is available to you if you are enrolled in your RMIT Vietnam program (continuing student), but does require formal approval from your Academic program. Leave of absence is usually taken for either six months or one year.

I'm unable to study this semester due to family/work commitments, what can I do?

To take leave from study you are required to apply for a leave of absence. First you must consult with your program coordinator.

You must complete and submit an application for leave of absence and have this approved by your head of academic program.

Is my enrolment correct?

After enrolling, you should view and confirm your enrolment details before the enrolment deadline by logging into Enrolment Online via OES . You should check your enrolment carefully to ensure it reflects what you intended to enrol into. It is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment details are accurate.

If you believe your enrolment is incorrect, please visit Student Centre during business hours.

Is there a minimum attendance requirement?

Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled contact hours.

What happens if I am away for more than five consecutive days?

You should contact your Program Coordinator immediately. You may be required to provide documentary evidence such as medical certificates. Approval must be attained from your Program Coordinator for any absences exceeding five consecutive days.

While studying at RMIT Vietnam, can I study at another educational institution?

Yes. You may wish to undertake a course or program in addition to your study at RMIT. However you must still study full-time at RMIT and complete your RMIT program within the expected duration.

What will happen if my academic progress is "unsatisfactory"?

RMIT Vietnam will notify you if it determines your progress to be unsatisfactory and you will be given opportunities to discuss and implement improvement strategies.

If progress continues to be unsatisfactory you will be asked to “show cause” as to why you should be permitted to stay enrolled at RMIT. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence as to why you have not progressed and how you will improve, or you do not respond to the correspondence RMIT sends you about your progress, RMIT may decide to “exclude” you.

What should I do if I think my academic progress might be 'unsatisfactory'?

You should contact your Program Coordinator or your School or Departmental International Student Advisor to discuss your progress as soon as possible. Do not ignore correspondence you receive from RMIT about your academic progress.

Assistance and advice is also available from staff in the following areas:

If you apply via an RMIT representative, please contact your agent for further detail.

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Finish your study

If I finish my program early, can I stay in Vietnam until my visa expires?


Can I renew my student visa to stay in Vietnam for graduation?

RMIT is unable to support you with visa renewal as soon as you complete your program.

Can I apply for a tourist visa after completing my program?

You may apply for a tourist visa through travel agents.

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Complaints and Appeals

I have applied to study at RMIT and wish to complain about the application process or appeal my application outcome. How can I do this?

The University provides applicants with the opportunity to provide feedback and you could give your comment to international@rmit.edu.vn.

I’m a currently enrolled international student and wish to appeal against RMIT’s decision on my application for one of the following:

  • extension to study duration
  • request for release letter
  • attendance requirements
  • refunds
  • leave of absence

You can lodge an appeal directly with RMIT International against one of the above decisions. Remember, you must remain enrolled and attend all classes as normal until the appeal outcome is known. Strict timelines apply for appeals.

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