Events and activities for international students

Events and activities for international students

RMIT international students, flea market
RMIT international students, Ho Chi Minh City Museum

As an international university, RMIT Vietnam highlights the diversity and dynamic nature of the student community with events and activities throughout each semester. You will get a chance to introduce your national costume at our annual International Day, share stories of your hometown at networking events, or compare your local cuisine in cooking classes.

Introducing international students to the wider community in Vietnam is also an important focus at RMIT Vietnam with networking events. Studying at RMIT Vietnam, international students will also have opportunities to contribute to underprivileged communities with charity trips and fundraising activities.

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Vietnamese Language and Culture Workshops

Our free Vietnamese Language & Culture Exchange Workshops are run by the Buddy team and international students every Wednesday, from week 2 to week 6.

Vietnamese buddies will share their stories about the Vietnamese language and culture.

International students will share stories about their countries and cultures.

This is a great opportunity for international students and local students to:

  • Make friends
  • Exchange languages and cultures
  • Develop communication skills.

We welcome all students to register and join us to learn and share!

Please find here for detailed activities in Semester 1-2018