Employment Standards at RMIT Vietnam

Employment Standards at RMIT Vietnam

The best of the best

Our reputation as a world-class, international education provider means the world to us, so we are constantly looking for the best of the best when it comes to recruiting. This also means that our standards, in the areas of English ability and professional competence, are necessarily rigorous.

Please read the information below to determine whether you currently meet the criteria to apply for a position at RMIT University Vietnam.

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Standards for English Teaching Staff

Qualifications and Experience

  • An Internationally recognised TESOL qualification (prefer CELTA and DELTA, or TEFL)
  • A bachelor degree (or higher) in a related field
  • Considerable English teaching experience, preferably in a tertiary setting

English ability: IELTS Academic 8.5 or equivalent

Standards for Academic Teaching Staff

Qualifications and experience

  • A degree that is at least one level higher than the degree level in which you are teaching. For example, if you were teaching in the Bachelor of Commerce Program, you would need at least a Masters level qualification in a related field.
  • To satisfy Vietnamese government requirements, at least 5 years teaching experience, preferably at higher education/university level.

Check the relevant position description for the role you're interested in applying for to find mandatory and preferred selection criteria.

English ability: IELTS Academic 7.0 or equivalent

For Academic employees, we have an Academic Expectations and Development Framework that outlines the requirements to be appointed at various levels. You can read more here.

Standards for Professional Staff

Qualifications, experience, and English proficiency requirements are specific to the role you are applying for. Check the position description for further information.

If you are unsure of your current level of English Proficiency, RMIT Vietnam will provide opportunities for you to undertake English competency testing if you are shortlisted for the position.

As well as the mandatory role requirements, foreign employees must meet the Vietnamese government’s work permit requirements, outlined here.