Centre of Technology

Centre of Technology

Centre of Technology - RMIT Vietnam
Students in lab room at RMIT Vietnam

Our Centre of Technology comes under the umbrella of the College of Science, Engineering and Health, RMIT (global) and our departments of engineering and information technology align with schools at RMIT Melbourne, ensuring consistency of course content and allowing Vietnam-based students to undertake courses or complete programs at RMIT Melbourne should they wish to have that experience.

RMIT Vietnam’s academic team in engineering and information technology are of great value in our teaching programme and come with distinguished solid backgrounds in industry and research.

Such high quality academics have a strong role in producing proficient graduates ready to move into industry – and as that industry grows I am sure research and development opportunities will also flourish in this country for graduates of RMIT Vietnam.

The confidence of the Vietnamese engineering and IT industries in our courses was underlined recently when 18 industry participants made time to join our industry advisory committee to advise us on our program.