Buddy program

Buddy program

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We want you to make the most of your time at RMIT Vietnam by meeting new people, trying new things, sharing your skills and discovering your talents. A great way to do this is to join the Buddy program RMIT Vietnam.

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The Buddy’s at RMIT Vietnam can be the first contact point for you prior to departure from your home country and will stay in contact with you for the whole semester. A Buddy is a current student who is well equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to help you with your transition to RMIT and living in Vietnam. The Buddy team also organises activities and events which are great opportunities to meet other international and local students.

Your Buddy will assist you with:

  • studying at RMIT Vietnam and living in Vietnam
  • the services that can aid your studies at RMIT, including finding accommodation or getting academic support
  • developing self-management and self-awareness skills
  • connecting you with RMIT and Vietnamese cultures

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What past students say about Buddy at RMIT Vietnam

“Buddy Team was fantastic”

“The buddy system was a fantastic initiative by RMIT to set-up”

Become a buddy

You might be interested in boosting your employability and increasing leadership, interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills by becoming a member of the Buddy team and assisting new international students.

As a Buddy, you will experience both personal and professional growth, and develop skills in a diverse range of areas. You will:

  • build your leadership, customer service and cross-cultural communication skills
  • get experience working with both small and large groups of students
  • gain a better understanding of how RMIT assists students and how to refer them to the appropriate support service
  • improve your awareness of transition processes and how students adjust to new cultures

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Buddies’ testimonial

Buddy Team is considered as the best close-knit student group I’ve ever met during my university journey. Together with Student Life Department, we aims to support for international students their on and off-campus activities with lots of activities such as airport pickups, city tour, weekly Vietnamese class to maximize their exchange/full study at RMIT Vietnam.

Even though we joined this team with different backgrounds, we still have some common hobbies, common weird jokes and some common goals such as improving English, exploring different cultures, being a Vietnamese ambassador as well as making friends all over the world who will host you some day like the way we host them here in Vietnam.

I challenge you to give yourself a chance to explore ‘Buddy Stories’ by joining the Buddy Team today and tell us your testimonials then :)