Become a Career Mentor

Become a Career Mentor

Think back to when you were a student and making choices about your career. What do you know now that you wish you had known then?

The Career Mentoring Program is an opportunity for successful, experienced professionals like yourself, to provide RMIT students with advice and insights into the realities of your industry.

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What Does a Career Mentor Do?

The role of a career mentor is to act as a guide and provide advice on career related topics. You don’t need to have all the answers; just be willing to share what you know.

This usually includes:

  • Sharing your knowledge and experience on what it takes to succeed in your field;
  • Offering first hand insight into the reality of the world of work in your industry;
  • Providing career guidance, support and encouragement;
  • Facilitating opportunities for your student to network with other industry professionals;
  • Assisting your student to develop a vision for their future;
  • Helping increase your student’s commercial awareness.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

As a mentor you will:

  • Sharpen your coaching and mentoring skills;
  • Share your professional expertise;
  • Help a mentee succeed in your industry;
  • Hear fresh perspectives from a mentee.
  • Reflect on your knowledge and work practices;
  • Invest in the future workforce and give back to industry;
  • Access future talent; and
  • Reconnect and establish mutually beneficial connections with RMIT.

Extra Benefits

In recognition of your contribution to our students you will also receive an invitation to:

  • A free networking event;
  • A special awards ceremony; and
  • Membership of an exclusive network of future leaders across a diverse range of industries.

Who will I be mentoring?

You will be matched with a student who is interested in learning from you. 

Often students want a mentor is because they are confused or unclear about the variety of career options available to them related to the course they are studying. For example, they may have taken some marketing classes and feel that they might be interested in a career in 'marketing' but are unaware of the large variety of careers / jobs within the sector.

That's where you can help them. You can help open their eyes to the different possibilities, many of which they will have never heard of, let alone considered. 

Please be aware that you may not be matched with a student who wants to do exactly what you are doing, however, we will try to get as close a match as possible for you. The purpose of this program is to give students an opportunity to connect with professionals from your industry sector.

Your mentee may not necessarily have a top GPA or be a high flyer but they will be eager to hear your story, hungry to learn from your experiences (good and bad!) and appreciate any guidance and support you can give them.

All they want is a helping hand.

How is the program structure?

The program begins anytime you’re ready and lasts for 12 weeks during which time you connect with your mentee for a minimum of one hour every two weeks. This can be at your workplace, over a coffee, phone, email or Skype – you decide, together with your mentee, where, when and how you will connect.  At the end of the 12 weeks you can choose to connect with another mentee and start a new 12-week mentoring partnership.

Mentor eligibility

You will:

  • Have at least three or more years experience in your current field
  • Be willing to invest at least 6 hours for the 12 weeks of the mentoring partnership.

What support will I get?

- A Mentor Training Session will be available to help you prepare for the experience;
- Our program coordinator will provide ongoing support and guidance;
- You will receive a free workbook to help stimulate conversation and provide possible topics for conversation for each meeting such as:

    • the world of work and what it involves
    • the transition from study to work
    • networking tips
    • job search techniques
    • commercial awareness
    • potential challenges and how to overcome them

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Register to be a mentor

For more information contact:

Careers & Employability Service
Phone: +84 28 3776 1300 (ext 1362)