Apply to transfer to Melbourne

Apply to transfer to Melbourne

As an RMIT Vietnam student, you have a unique opportunity to transfer credits and finish your degree at RMIT Melbourne and vice versa. You will pay tuition fees directly in RMIT Melbourne.



How do I apply?

What can I study?

Application deadlines

Living in Melbourne

Further Information



Academic requirements:

For English Students at RMIT Vietnam transfer to Degree Programs:

  • Minimum GPA in Year 12 of High School of 7.0 for Diploma Program and 8.0 for Bachelor Program
  • Completed Upper Intermediate for Diploma Program and Advanced Plus (Level 7) for Bachelor Program

For Undergraduate students at RMIT Vietnam transfer to the same Undergraduate Programs:

  • Be currently enrolled in an RMIT Bachelor Program
  • Completed at least one full year of studies (72 credit points) at RMIT Vietnam
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 or equivalent
  • Met RMIT’s English language requirements

For Graduates at RMIT Vietnam transfer to Postgraduate Programs:

  • Completed Bachelor Program at RMIT Vietnam
  • Minimum GPA: Please check specific program here
  • Met RMIT’s English language requirements

Note: Please note that only students who have at least 3 to 4 courses left in your current degree are eligible for the Transfer application.

Entry requirements:

Make sure you check the entry requirements, English language requirements, prerequisites of each course. This information is available under the heading Entry requirements in each program summary.

English language requirements:

For information and details on English language proficiency tests accepted please refer to English equivalency information for international students.

What can I study?

Refer to the list of programs available to international students. Check that the program you wish to apply for is available in the intake of your choice. Some programs are not available in the July intake, in which case, your application will be considered for the next available intake.

Note: Candidate who would like to apply for PhD or Master of Research, please contact RMIT Melbourne directly

How do I apply

Complete an application form and all supporting documents and submit to Global Mobility Team, RMIT Vietnam.

  1. Complete the iApply portal
  2. Certified copies of high school diploma and academic record of year 10,11,12 (English version) or Current diploma/degree transcript
  3. Copy of graduation certificate
  4. Certified copy of passport (valid 6 months after the completion of the program)
  5. Resumé or CV (if any)
  6. Personal statement (if any)
  7. Portfolio (check number and type of art/design works in entry requirements for program and do not exceed 10 mb. Applicants who submit portfolios where the file size is more than 10 MB will be requested to resubmit a new portfolio.)
  8. References from employers (if any)
  9. Supplementary Forms (Check if the program you are applying for requires this form)

Note: All hard copies must be submitted to Global Mobility team before deadlines for further assessment 

Application periods

Semester 1 (For February start): 1 October – 1 December (previous year)

Semester 2 (For July start):  1 March – 1 May (that year)

Information on Courses, Programs and Schools

Information on RMIT Melbourne courses

Information on RMIT Melbourne programs

Information on RMIT Melbourne schools

Living in Melbourne

Housing costs can range from AUD150-AUD250 depending on the suburb and the type of accommodation choices including home-stay, shared house, hostel, student apartment, etc.

Most students book temporary accommodation for 1-2 weeks and relocate to more permanent housing after arrival. Many students choose to live in the city itself or in the suburbs close to the city.

RMIT Village is a 10-15 minute walk or 5 minute tram ride to the main City Campus.

Students should expect to spend between AUD10,000- AUD12,000 per semester.

Further Information


International students support service

Information for housing


For further information or assistance, please contact Global Mobility team at