Apply to study abroad at RMIT Vietnam

Apply to study abroad at RMIT Vietnam

There are two ways to apply to study abroad at RMIT Vietnam:

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Apply at your home university

If you are applying through your home university, you (or your study abroad agent, if you have one) should apply directly to them. They will help you complete the required application form.

Apply directly to RMIT University Vietnam

Application package

If you want to apply directly to RMIT Vietnam, follow the instructions below:

  • Complete the Online application form, with supporting documents included:
    • Original official transcript (translated into English and certified)
    • English test results
    • Copy of English Language Certificate (IELTS/ TOEFL/RMIT English Language Certificate)
    • Two passport photos
    • Copy of passport with bio data page
  • If applying for on-campus accommodation in Saigon South:

Closing dates for applications


Closing date

Semester 1 (Feb-May)

15 Dec (previous year)

Semester 2 (Jun-Sep)

20 Mar

Semester 3 (Oct-Jan)

17 Aug

Approval process

RMIT Vietnam International staff will acknowledge receipt of applications as soon as they are received.

The RMIT Vietnam International carries out the initial assessment of applications, checking that the applications are complete and that the students have met the eligibility criteria, including RMIT English language requirements.

Application approval

The RMIT Vietnam International Unit will review the courses that students have selected. Please double check with your home institution to ensure the courses selected meet their requirements for you to complete your degree. Please select a minimum of six courses by exploring our Course search tool and writing down the correct course name and codes before submitting your application.

Receiving an offer

RMIT Vietnam will send you a Letter of Offer if you are accepted.

In it, you will find:

  • Offer Acceptance Form
  • Welcome information package

Accepting your offer

You must sign the Offer Acceptance Form and return it by scanned email or fax to RMIT Vietnam International Unit within 14 days, or your offer will lapse. If you decide to apply for on-campus accommodation, the Residential Centre Application Form must be signed and returned at the same time.

At this time, please also send payment for:

  • The non-refundable accommodation application fee (if you have applied for on-campus accommodation)
  • The study abroad fee for one semester (if applicable)

RMIT will send you an electronic confirmation of enrolment, and visa invitation letter. Then you are eligible to apply for a student visa to enter Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the Residential Centre will send you an offer for your on-campus accommodation.


The above process normally takes a minimum of 6 weeks and can take up to 10 weeks from the time the RMIT Vietnam International Unit receives your application. (Please note that your home university may require you to apply many weeks or even months before they send your application to RMIT Vietnam International Unit.