Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapters

The Alumni Chapters offer alumni the opportunity to stay involved with and connected to the University, students, and fellow alumni. Chapter leaders are senior alumni volunteering their time, energy and effort to fostering and developing the alumni community.

Chapter Benefits

Joining an alumni chapter, members can enjoy dynamic networking opportunities with fellow RMIT Vietnam alumni, University and industry leaders as well as utilise the skills developed for career advancement. The Chapter is free to decide their own activities (with guidance from the academic Centre) and supported by the University in terms of resources. Leading an alumni chapter of a reputed University will be a spotlight in one’s career profile.

Chapter Activities

Any activities of interest to alumni members including but not limited to: networking event, social outings, class reunions, workshops on professional or personal development topics, hosting visits from RMIT University or the Government where appropriate.

Starting an Alumni Chapter

Alumni chapters can be formed by a group of 5 or more alumni who express an interest in forming an RMIT alumni chapter. Email   to express your interest in forming a chapter and we will contact you.

Current Chapters

Chapters Based on Geography
Da Nang

Group page

  • Chairperson: Nguyen Dinh Phuoc Thanh - Casa Italiano, Deputy Director -
  • Vice Chairperson: Do Khanh Binh – Rong Vang Security Guard Service, Vice Director
  • Secretary: Truong Thanh Ha Nhi – M Gallery Hoi An, Sales Coordinator -
Chapters Based on Affinity
IT & Engineering

Group page

  • Chairperson: Nguyen Hoang Phuc - Infor, Country Sales Manager -
  • Vice Chairperson: Nguyen Duc Hieu - Coffee Mug, Managing Director -
  • Secretary: Nguyen Thanh Quang - Avenue, Technical Manager -
Hanoi Business Chapter

Group page

  • Chairperson: Le Thanh Thuy – Sun Group, Project Assistant -
  • Vice Chairperson: Hoang Manh Linh – Suntory Pepsico, Field Marketing
  • Secretary: Hoang Long Nhat – VNDirect, Retail broker -

Saigon Business Chapter

Group page

  • Chairperson: Ngo Thi Chi - Dai Viet Group, Chief Marketing Officer -
  • Vice Chairperson: Nguyen Huynh Trong Hieu - CEO, Hitochi Service Trade Co.
  • Secretary: Do Yen Ly - Tagger Co., Merchandising executive -