About the School of Science & Technology

About the School of Science & Technology

Welcome to the School of Science & Technology

RMIT University Vietnam's School of Science & Technology is focused on innovation. Our globally-recognised programs in the fields of engineering and information technology are designed to build creative thinkers with the skills, knowledge and motivation to make a real difference in the world.

The technology sector in Vietnam is rapidly expanding, driven by vibrant start-ups and foreign investment, and an RMIT qualification will put you at the forefront of this growth.

In information technology, we are seeing huge developments in areas such as big data, mobile computing, multi-agent systems and data mining. In engineering, sustainable energy systems, climate change, and advanced electronics are all areas that call for forward-thinkers who can solve problems and create solutions.

At the School of Science & Technology, we are dedicated to expanding knowledge through project-based learning that blends theory and practice. The School is industry-connected, and you will benefit from strong relationships with local and international partners. Work placements take you from university to the real-world, and our graduates are often offered jobs after completing internships.

You will learn the importance of teamwork, communication and leadership and develop valuable skills that will benefit you throughout your professional career.

Our well-equipped laboratories house cutting-edge equipment and software, and you will be taught by distinguished academics with impressive backgrounds in industry and research..